Kendra Watlov Boblett is a interdisciplinary artist from Outing, Minnesota and a 2016 graduate from Cornish College of the Arts in Seattle, Washington. Her use of watercolor, digital media, illustration, fiber arts, and collage evoke the visceral nature of the grotesque, the displacement of self, and heartache. Currently residing in Minneapolis, she is furthering her artistic career and relationships with other artists.

Publication from Minnesota Connected

"Minnesota is teaming with creative talent, with history showing that our wonderful state has the ability to produce artists like Prince, sculptor Duane Hansen, and Bob Dylan. Artists like this are still being produced in Minnesota, and one of these talents is Kendra Boblett of KWB Art. Kendra’s art is whimsically stylistic, colorful, and often biographical, giving viewers a glimpse into the artist’s world, her personality, and her struggles."

- Leah Putz

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